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Septic Certifications for Homes in Corona

When you sell your home or apply for a remodel permit, you may need a septic tank certification or C-42 inspection. Frank's Pumping provides the necessary certification services for home owners, real estate, and property management companies throughout Southern California.

Our knowledgeable experts at Frank's Pumping will locate your tank and excavate it to assess the condition of your tank and will confirm whether or not the inlet or outlet fittings are intact. They will also determine if the tank is rusted or deteriorated in any way. During the certification process, we will repair any component that is found to be in need of repair in order to get your system up to legal standards. We will complete it at that time at a reasonable cost to you.

For residential septic installations and repairs in Corona, you can count on Frank's Pumping 24/7.

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Certified Septic Services in Corona

C-42 inspections are required for most real estate transactions. At Frank's Pumping, our experienced team will locate the septic tank and all parts of the septic system including the seepage pit, leach lines and risers. You will receive the necessary paperwork that shows the location of the septic system, then we will submit the paperwork to the local Department of Environmental Health.

  • C-42 Sanitation System Contractor
  • California Code of Regulations
  • Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications

Our C-42 inspection process will:

  • Electronically locating the septic tank
  • Dig out primary and secondary lid of septic tank
  • Pump septic tank and perform a visual inspection of the tank
  • Locate the drain field: Seepage pit or leach line
  • Perform water test to check for water absorption
  • Sketch of system location

Following a full inspection of your home septic system, you will receive a C-42 Certificate.

For residential septic system maintenance, you can trust the professionals at Frank's Pumping. We have been serving our satisfied Corona area customers for many years and pride ourselves on a job well done. We complete our work quickly, yet efficiently, and avoid needless disruptions. Our experienced team has a proven attention to detail that gets the job done perfectly every time.

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