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The Most Efficient Septic System Design Contractor in Riverside

At Frank's Pumping Inc., we understand there is much more to installing a septic system in Riverside than simply excavating the earth and connecting pipes. Before we start the design process, we perform a site evaluation to determine the best placement for your tank and drain field based on the lot size, soil conditions and other feasibility factors. We also coordinate with you to ensure that our plan:

  • Is capable of handling usage now and in the future
  • Protects natural or man-made features you want to keep
  • Blends with your landscaping

Once we have created a septic system design that meets your needs, we submit it to the necessary government entities for approval. When you work with Frank's Pumping Inc., you know that your system adheres to all zoning requirements and you won’t encounter any liability issues when the time comes to sell your property.


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Performing Percolation Tests Since 1991

Percolation testing determines the absorption ability of the soil. It requires digging multiple holes at specific depths in the proposed drain field, soaking the soil then filling the holes with specific amounts of water based on local health codes to see how quickly the water drops and saturates the surrounding soil. In California, this test must be certified by a civil engineer, registered geologist or environmental health specialist in order to obtain a permit. We have the equipment and experience to quickly complete a perc test, submit the necessary paperwork and get your permit as quickly as possible.

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