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Your septic system is perhaps the most overlooked and underappreciated part of your home. Yet, it is constantly working to expel wastewater from your garbage disposal, water softener, washing machine, toilets, tubs and showers, filtering out solids to prevent groundwater pollution in Riverside.


Postponing septic tank replacement not only compromises the safety of the environment but also the immediate health of your family. At Frank's Pumping Inc., we understand how important septic system installation is. Let us guide you through the design and selection process, so that you get the proper configuration based on the unique needs of your property and your family’s lifestyle.


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Different System Types

There are four basic ways to treat wastewater from your home. Each serves different purposes.

  1. Anaerobic:This is the simplest and most common type of septic system. Active bacteria eats away organic waste. Remaining waste is dispersed through the drain field. While the aerobic method requires very little tank maintenance, they are more vulnerable to harm from household chemicals.
  2. Aerobic:Using oxygen, bacteria converts organic waste into carbon dioxide. The bacteria increases and decreases with the demand. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that the bacteria-filled tank continues to perform properly, especially since the bacteria isn’t able to break down inorganic materials that tend to clog tanks.
  3. Filter:On its own, media filtration is rarely an efficient means to treat wastewater. Large solids are prevented from entering the drain field using peat moss, Styrofoam pellets, sand mounds or coconut fiber.
  4. Hybrid:This is the most effective type of treatment, using multiple layers of bacterial and media filtration. The wastewater expelled into the drain or leach field is cleaner.

The type of soil treatment also makes a difference in the overall efficiency of your septic system. The permeability of the earth as well as the amount of available space are determining factors when it comes to using trenches or elevated seepage beds in the drain field.

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Whether you are building a new home from the ground up, or are upgrading an outdated septic system design, Frank's Pumping Inc. is the clear choice for septic tank installation and septic cleaning in Riverside. Call us at 951-351-9775 to get a system of your own installed today.

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